what our customers are saying!

Very functional and inventive clothing. One of a kind pieces that can be worn anywhere. The high performance material is wonderful and does a great job keeping you comfortable and warm!
Anonymous, alvöru itsa
Thank you for the opportunity to try out the alvöru tank top! The first thing I noticed was how soft and comfortable it is and that there is no bothersome tag on my neck! Also, like the easy to read washing instructions. For most of the summer I have been wearing a simple cotton top to stay cool, thinking I felt fine in it. Ha, what a difference your top made, it really feels good on! I really like the attractive scooped neckline. I love the moisture reducing properties in it, so great for these 100 degree days. 
I can't wait to see how it feels this winter under my cardigans!
Vickie, Ft. Morgan CO

I love these gloves! My hands would get cold at work in the air conditioning, but now, I have some great looking gloves that keep them warm. This winter I'm going to Love These Gloves even more! ! And I love that these "scraps" don't go into the landfills, they get recycled into a cute and utilitarian item! The owners are innovative, friendly and great at helping you with your purchase!
Kathy, DeSoto KS

I am so glad to have found your clothing line and the existence of the outlast cloth.  In the two or three weeks that I have been wearing your shirt it has transformed the way I sleep.  And it has changed the way my body responds to heat during the day as well. I am sleeping well for the first time in years, and having read the latest studies on the connection between sleep and brain health, am happy to have a better chance on that front at the same time.   I have bought other sizes for my sister and a friend, so they can also put it to the test.  As my sister lives in the Bahamas, I am only half joking when I say we are trying it with an 'international focus group'.
In addition, I work in a children's clinic in which the teperatures swing between too hot and too cold.  So I am trying to see if the fabric modulates body temperature under those conditions.
Suzanne, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Not only does "the perfect tank" work during the day… I am actually sleeping through the night because my hot flashes don’t wake me up when I wear “the perfect tank“! I love, love, love it!!!

This amazing fabric cools me in the heat and humidity of Mexico. Look forward to testing it's " keep me warm " qualities when I'm back home in Canada!
Jean, Playa del Carmen, Mexico & Regina, Saskatchewan

I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how much I love my tank this summer! It feels so awesome while sleeping. I can't wait for cooler weather to try the long sleeve top. So excited for you and the new line of clothes that you have made. Will check back with you every once in a while for future clothing purchases.
Norma, Hillsboro KS 

Work and life intersect a lot for me – so clothes that both look good and feel good while I move back and forth between mind and body is important. alvöru line of clothing is comfortable in all settings. The fabric is soft, light, fits well and balances my body temperature so I stay cool and composed.
Becky, Fairway KS

I love this line of clothing! The outlast technology regulates and adapts to your temperature needs. Keeping you cool when you are hot, and warm when you are cold. Perfect for those of us dealing with hot flashes or temperature issues due to thyroid issues. Love the sleep wear!
Diane, Jefferson NY

I love the alvöru clothing line.  alvöru is unique because it’s a line of clothing where function meets fashion.  Not only are the clothes comfortable, they’re stylish.  My favorite top from alvöru is the black sleeveless ruffle top.  It’s pretty and versatile.  It’s perfect as it is when it’s hot out.  And when it’s cold, I put a shrug on with it.  I like that the top I love so much can be worn all year long.  There aren’t many items in my closet that I can say that about.  The year-round component of this top makes it a great value, and one of the best items in my wardrobe because it goes with so much.  
Lauren, Overland Park KS 

Throughout my life, I've felt cold. Now thanks to alvöru clothing, I feel comfortable and safe throughout the day. Sometimes when readying myself to leave the house, I noticed that my alvöru is still on the hanger--and I rush back to put it on. Life is so much more comfortable and safe with my alvöru. 
Martha, Kansas City MO

I bought an alvöru tank top and found it to be the best clothing to sleep in ever! Soft and generously cut, it keeps me comfortable winter or summer. After many washings it’s still working as promised. I’m so glad to see there are more colors and items to choose from. Thanks! 
Laurie, Kansas City MO  

My job takes me to schools all over the US that during summer are not temperature regulated. NO WORRIES, because I was! (Temperature regulated, that is!) My body stayed cooler in some very uncomfortable situations. I was honestly surprised that I stayed as comfortable as I did, even with a lightweight summer sweater over the alvöru top! There were a few times when others in my classes were wrapped in sweaters and jackets, because the room was too cool, but I was always very comfortable…just right in fact. 
I don’t know or understand how the technology works. I just know that it does. Like I told a friend… “I just think it’s magic. That’s all there is to it.” 
Mona, Overland Park KS  

Winner, winner, winner! Need to be promoting this for athletics too. Absolutely! I am sweating but not in my knit tank top. So what I need is to have briefs, socks and for goodness sakes, I need to have a band or something for my head! Please, please, please! I need your help. Good job Jeanette – love it!
Suzy, Hilton Head Island SC

When I first found out about alvöru clothing I was quite skeptical.  I wasn't sure they could really help me "keep my cool".  I was pleasantly surprised they are not only functional, they are beautiful, even after multiple washings.  It's equally amazing they help to regulate my temperature and keep me warm if I need it.  They have quickly become a non-negotiable staple in my wardrobe.  I can't wait for more styles!!!
Anita, Overland Park KS

I am in menopause and the heat hits me every night.  At about 3am I wake up with a sweaty…backside.  Every night I wake up and shed my damp pj pants trying to cool off/warm up.  And then I discovered the alvöru boy shorts.  I LOVE them!  They keep me temperature regulated and I’m no longer battling cool/hot/cool/hot/cool/hot!   
Robyn, Lenexa KS

Well, I have to say the product lives up to the advertisement It provides a cool surface without my having to move all over the bed seeking out unslept on patches of sheet! Thank you, alvöru!
Lenet, Lenexa KS, Outlast® Beyond Basic mattress pad

I am so excited! I recently received my alvöru top in the mail and love the way it fits.  So flattering!  I can’t believe how comfortable it is and how cool I stay when I wear it.  Definitely a new staple in my wardrobe!!
Beverly, Kansas City MO