• it all starts with 'a'

    it all starts A

    Right after the first of 2016 I met with two of my very dear ‘woo woo’ (I’m a new woo and loving it) friends to talk about our 2016 ‘words of intention’. We took a few minutes to meditate on our own to listen to words that came into our conscious. I know, maybe a little out there (woo woo)! But actually it was fascinating and eye-opening as I stopped to listen to that ‘still soft voice’. Now

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  • not too hot, not too cold

    For those of you that know me from various networking functions or following me on social media, you often hear me say that alvöruTM  is about ‘helping hot women become cooler’. Well, now that we’ve hit the below 0° temps in Kansas City it’s time to educate you that alvöruTM  can also ‘help cool women become hotter’. Pretty neat, huh? How do we do that, you ask?

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  • say grace

    I remember often being told by my elders that I needed to count my blessings during my growing up years. While I knew they were right, at that age, well those blessings just didn’t really mean that much to me. As I’ve grown older and understood blessings in the aging process, there really is something that rings true to that wisdom.

    So, when you think about counting blessings

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