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This blog is to expose the nerd in me as I share with you my love of all things PANTONE. In another life far, far away from my alvöru entrepreneurial endeavor, I was in the computer graphics business long before the PowerPoint was available to businesswomen to do her own presentations! The attention to our client’s brand colors, fonts, style captivated me. It still does and I can spend hours looking at my PANTONE book, paint chips, fabric swatches; but I try to reign my nerd in when my focus needs to be on business at hand.

As you know, fashion works a ‘season ahead’ with trends for Fall being shown in Spring and vice versa. Now this is where the fun of PANTONE comes in! The team with the Pantone Color Institute evaluate the colors shown by the fashion designers in their Fall collections on the runways at New York Fashion Week as well as London. This information is then used to create The PANTONE Fashion Color Report where the top 10 colors for men and women’s fashion for the upcoming season are chosen.

So, without further adieu, for Fall 2017 the colors are:

Pantone Top 10 Colors for New York

Now, maybe you are wondering why with my having only two colors in the alvöru collection I would want you to think color!? The simple answer is that when I started alvöru, I wanted to offer the basics, not really ‘fashion’, that would allow your own personal sense of style to come out. alvöru tops are the ‘workhorse’ (if you will) to offer the comfort of body temperature regulation while you add the flair with color, style, accessories, etc. to be your own unique and REAL woman. 

Hope you enjoyed a little bit of my nerd side on this post!






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