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I remember often being told by my elders that I needed to count my blessings during my growing up years. While I knew they were right, at that age, well those blessings just didn’t really mean that much to me. As I’ve grown older and understood blessings in the aging process, there really is something that rings true to that wisdom.

So, when you think about counting blessings you often don’t really have the time to meditate on all the good in your life. There are those pressing things of taking care of kids and parents, getting to your job on time, oh and then those delightful personal trips to the tropics! Need I say more?!?!

“There is an evolutionary advantage to focusing on the negative – your body and brain want you to pay attention to potential threats so you stay safe. But research shows that our mood improves when we dwell on gratitude,” says Erin Olivo, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist in NYC and author of the new book Wise Mind Living.

So, instead of that 20 minutes of meditation; take just a second or two to be thankful when good comes your way. Olivio calls these time-outs “micro-gratitude moments.” These micro-gratitude moments can keep your mood elevated all day, even trouncing anxiety and depression, research shows. So three techniques that can help rewire your brain to a life-is-beautiful setting.

think small & take notice

Finding those positive moments don’t have to be huge, angels choir singing events. Really it’s about the small thing – and whenever you find yourself smiling, stop and think about the ‘why’. Those mini high-fives should have the same attention as annoyances. Even jotting them down to reflect back on can be a great way to notice serendipity in your daily life.

set a timer

A suggestion by Olivio is to ‘program a reminder on your phone to go off three times a day, prompting you to make note of little things that have made you happy.’ Or maybe you have some daily triggers that help you take pause of the good moments of life.

go to sleep happy

Put those positive moments in you emotional bank and reflect at night before going to bed. Think to yourself Today was a good day, and mean it.


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