• Overload! Too Much Monkey Mind Chatter!!

    Last week was not the most stellar week (IMMHO) for humanity. Between all the chaos of Covid19, George Floyd, protests and then various things my own personal world; I ditched my weekly email. I just couldn’t face the task. Plus, with the way the weekend unfolded View Post
  • Time Time Ticking

    Any of you feel like you are living in a time warp? Time keeps ticking and yet you find it hard to know what time it is, let along what day it is? I ask that for many reasons of which the first one is that I totally lost it on my regular Tuesday email which you are getting on Wednesday! Since setting a goal to email you once a week B.Q. (Before Quarantine) I would often wonder how the week went by and somehow it was email time again. A.Q. (After Quarantine) it hits me the same way, yet different. View Post
  • Work From Home - To Bra or Not To Bra?

    For the majority of us we are now waist deep into physical distancing and the new Work From Home (WFM) norm and our adopted ‘dress code’ almost exclusively of the comfiest clothes possible. Jeans? Doubt it. Makeup? Oh no! Bra? Do I have to? As I’ve been a WFMer for nearly 10 years, I often wonder how going braless for an extended period of time affects my girls. Is not wearing a bra a good thing? View Post