What's the Right Neckline for Me?

When you wear a top with a certain neckline do you feel more confident? Comfortable?  I know that I do. My go-to necklines whether choosing a top, sweater or dress is either a V-neck or scoop neck for whenever I want to feel my best.  “Often, when an outfit doesn’t work, it’s because of the neckline,” explains Houston stylist and fashion show producer Todd Ramos.

Choosing the right neckline can make a statement, create a silhouette that is balanced and can be the backdrop for amazing accessories.


Universal Flattering Neckline

I’ll go ahead and share this one since we’re getting close to shedding our winter looks. Believe it or not, a halter can flatter no matter what size you are. It’s great at creating curves where there are none. As always, exercise the need for a built-in bra or possibly adding a fitted jacket are some things to consider when choosing tops with this neckline.

The Neckline to Avoid
Strapless clothing may be on every rack in every store, but most stylists agree it’s a hard look to pull off -- unless you’ve got flawless proportions and a yoga bod like Jennifer Aniston. A strapless cut can make top-heavy women spill out, and tall, thin women look giraffe-like.

Tweak Unflattering Necklines
If you wore crew necks before you figured out it’s not your most flattering neckline, work the scissors. Check out Pinterest and other style sites for ways to fix a top before tossing it out.

With any lower necklines, there’s the risk of going too low and looking inappropriately sexy. Whether your top goes too deep or a V-neck is not your best look, try it over a camisole or slim-fit collared shirt before you toss it. Layering can breathe new life into a too-revealing top while fitting in with the style you are looking for.