What’s in a name anyway?

Before explaining the why, click on http://bit.ly/whyalvoru to hear the Icelandic pronunciation for alvöru. It’s actually easier to pronounce than you might thing…all-vu-ru.

So, here’s the why in a nutshell. Naming a clothing line Jeanette Knittel doesn’t have the same ring as say, Eileen Fisher, Betsey Johnson, Kate Spade, etc. I mean really, the is actually a hard sound as in kite. There are so many T’s that your hand can get lost in all the upswings! And seriously, I had absolutely no desire to have a namesake clothing line.
With alvöru, it started in a brainstorming session with a marketing company. I had already decided upon the tag line real women. real comfort. real cool. So up came Google translate and we began typing in words and listening to their pronunciation in different languages. When we came upon Icelandic for the word real it all clicked. 

Think about it…an Icelandic word that so easily describes the reason behind why I wanted to start this cool clothing line in the first place. Who wouldn't think cool or cold immediately upon thinking about Iceland! 

Last, in my wildest dreams, I never envisioned designing a clothing line. Honestly, I’m not a designer. But, I am a real women, wanting real solutions to a real problem! I won’t say ‘never’, but my vision for alvöru is to design basics that we all want and need  to wear in order to deal with the ups and downs of body temperature. Whether due to menopause; illness such as diabetes, multiple sclerosis; treatments for cancer; or variations of intolerance to heat; a solution to real life problems that we all have is what prompted starting alvöru. With most of our alvöru tops, YOU create your own fashion and trend statement; yet remain cool, comfortable and confident throughout your day. 

alvöru - real women. real comfort. real cool.