The Back Story for alvöru

When I began developing the business concept for alvöru, I thought I had a basic understanding of the process of making clothes. After all, my mother was letting me make crude purses and doll on her Singer Featherweight starting at the age of five. Trust me, they were crude, but I was learning the process of purchasing fabric, thread, patterns, etc. to make something. From there, I went on to get a degree in Home Economics where I took a number of clothing construction classes.

Fast forward to my concept of alvöru and bringing clothing that ‘helps hot women become cooler’. Please allow me to indulge by sharing a bit about how alvöru clothing is made.  

First, the fabric. alvöru clothing is ALL about the fabric. As I was researching I found this amazing technology in fabric that was originally developed for NASA astronauts. WOW!!!! Additionally, this fabric is unique in that it is a proactive temperature regulating fabric that works to manage body temperature – the highs and the lows. A bonus is that I found Outlast® Technologies which is based in Golden, CO which allowed me from the beginning to focus on US-made clothing.

But, here comes the tricky part. I had to order 1200 yards of fabric, in one color, from the mill in North Carolina! OMG!!!! THAT is a lot of fabric! Naturally, I went with black for this first order as that’s the color that women seem to have a plethora of clothing in their closets! ;-)

Second, to get the clothes made. As a small-town girl, from the start, it was very important to me to be a US-made clothing company. I knew from enough research that although we’ve been led to believe that everything has to go overseas, that’s not all true. While I could definitely have a garment sewn (per piece) cheaper overseas than in the US, there are truly more factors involved that for me, would make that cost prohibitive. And, it goes against my desire to be a fully US-based business.

I was fortunate to find local resources to initially help with the development of the patterns of my beginning line – a tank top, sleeveless ruffle, ¾ sleeve top and a boy short. And, initially a cut & sew manufacturer in Dallas. I won’t go into all the details, but through some good, bad and ugly in 2016 I brought it all back to KC and I’m thrilled to have a local seamstress that sews everything for me.

 It’s a small production process of sewing three to possibly 24 garments in a size and style. We work together on perfecting the patterns and the process in order to give you a quality product.

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