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  • Work From Home - To Bra or Not To Bra?

    For the majority of us we are now waist deep into physical distancing and the new Work From Home (WFM) norm and our adopted ‘dress code’ almost exclusively of the comfiest clothes possible. Jeans? Doubt it. Makeup? Oh no! Bra? Do I have to? As I’ve been a WFMer for nearly 10 years, I often wonder how going braless for an extended period of time affects my girls. Is not wearing a bra a good thing? View Post
  • Fierce, Fragile & Feminine

    Tomorrow is September 11 and a day that most of us will pause as we remember where we were and what we were doing during those moments. In addition to cutting short the lives of nearly 3,000 innocent people, the tragedy also set in motion events that would change the course of the lives of family and friends of the victims as well as a way of life in the US and worldwide. View Post

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