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  • Covid Christmas Reset

    Let’s be honest: 2020 has been filled with financial challenges, travel restrictions, health concerns, a 24-hr news cycle that felt more like 6 hours, work-from-home adjustments, politics at its worst, grief, sorrow, uncertainty and much more. With all that has been thrown at us in a relatively short period of time, we’re all feeling more raw, emotional, and exposed than in ‘normal’ holiday seasons. This makes Christmas 2020 the perfect time for a holiday season reset (which I know I need!). View Post
  • Balance 'Warming' and 'Cooling' Foods

    Many of us find ourselves trying to eat a more balanced diet with the turn of the new year, but here’s another type of balance you may want to consider: balancing warming and cooling foods.

    Achieving balance in the body is at the heart of traditional Chinese medicine, and what you eat plays a key role in reaching that level of equilibrium. 

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