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  • Work From Home - To Bra or Not To Bra?

    For the majority of us we are now waist deep into physical distancing and the new Work From Home (WFM) norm and our adopted ‘dress code’ almost exclusively of the comfiest clothes possible. Jeans? Doubt it. Makeup? Oh no! Bra? Do I have to? As I’ve been a WFMer for nearly 10 years, I often wonder how going braless for an extended period of time affects my girls. Is not wearing a bra a good thing? View Post
  • Balance 'Warming' and 'Cooling' Foods

    Many of us find ourselves trying to eat a more balanced diet with the turn of the new year, but here’s another type of balance you may want to consider: balancing warming and cooling foods.

    Achieving balance in the body is at the heart of traditional Chinese medicine, and what you eat plays a key role in reaching that level of equilibrium. 

    View Post
  • Egads! My skin is dry like the Sahara!?

    Honestly, how prepared were you for all the changes that you’d go through when you started the journey into menopause?!?! Me…well, my mother had a hysterectomy before I even had my first period so I was clueless!  I knew about hot flashes and night sweats, although when they hit me over 10 years ago and I literally felt I was drowning some nights, more knowledge would have been useful.  But, another sign of this aging process that I wasn’t ready for was how much my skin would change! Dry like the Sahara!  View Post

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