Summer, Swimsuits and Body Acceptance

While it doesn’t quite feel like summer here in Kansas City, with last Friday marking the first day of summer my thoughts turned to digging out that swimsuit and hoping it will fit for another season! (OK, maybe that’s only me?!) Anyway, that got me thinking about body confidence and acceptance.

When it comes to clothing, few things give me more anxiety than the swimsuit. As women living in a world obsessed with youth, beauty and that ‘perfect body’, the struggle is REAL to overcome that unhealthy body image and learn to feel comfortable in your body and feel good about the way you look.

In doing some research for this blog, I found another blog that I totally fell in love with as the author’s real-ness came out so clearly in her examples of how to take action with three areas of accepting and being confident with the body that I live in. I’ll share those three below real quick and you can link to the article for her in-depth explanation to each of these areas.

1. Stop clinging to old, critical storylines about Myself.

2. Reject Other-ness.

3. Use real life moments to find my inner compass.

Oh, and back to that swimsuit…I read this tip that suggests when shopping, take a moment to tune into your heartbeat or breath. A study in the journal Body Image, found that study subjects who were more aware of the sensations produced by their body had higher rates of body appreciation and pride than their peers. It seems that being in touch with your body reminds you of its capabilities, which makes you less like to judge yourself.

And, here’s another article if you want to check out this article on best swimsuits for body types. 

So…go out there and enjoy swimsuit shopping and wearing this summer!