PMS without PMS

I’m irritated, and I just want a good cry! 

Seriously, you’d think I was going through PMS with the way I’ve been feeling lately. While I don’t watch the calendar on a monthly basis anymore to track my periods, I still sometimes think I’m going through a different type of PMS – Post Menopause Syndrome! Post Menopause Syndrome is super special…not only do I feel like I’m PMSing all over again, but I’m dealing with the added bonus of hot flashes AND night sweats. If multitasking like that doesn’t entitle me to some sexy, cool clothes to get me through the day and super cozy night sweat sheets, I don’t know what does!

So I did a little digging and found 2004 post on WebMD that actually made me feel better to know that it actually can happen into menopause. I was one of those that had the most awful premenstrual syndrome symptoms from the very start of my periods all the way till menopause. I was ‘blessed’ with it all…mood swings, crying, horrible cramps, heavy bleeding, chills, you name it, I experienced it. While having this validation now didn’t and doesn’t make those moments feel any better, the knowledge that my moodiness is normal – and not an indication that I’m crazy sure does help.

Think the next time the irritation or desire to cry hits me, I just might ‘let it ride’. Afterall, I earned the right!

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