My 2021 Word - ACCEPT

Everyone happy to put 2020 behind them and look forward to 2021 and hopefully lots of good, positive events? I know that I am! 2020 has sure been a year that has stretched and tested us beyond what we would have imagined. In thinking about 2021, I went back to my One Word Blog that I shared on December 31, 2019 in anticipation of the New Year. Talk about an interesting look back on how my One Word – ALLOW – took on more meaning as events unfolded.

Let me share more. In my last conversation with my business coach for 2020, we talked about my word – ALLOW – and how much it was a part of my year experiences.

I ALLOWed my business to do a pivot and make face masks when the pandemic started in March. Over 1000 sold, donated, etc. and counting!

I ALLOWed myself to slow down, read, sit outside, etc.

I ALLOWed to let go of trying to control life.

I ALLOWed my creativity to explore new things.

I ALLOWed myself to take to heart a mantra that I’ve often used of ‘go with the flow till the flow don’t go’.

I ALLOWed myself grace in practically every aspect of living. Grace for deadlines, grace for my relationships, grace to sleep in and not worry about schedules, grace for disappointments…you get the drift.

There are plenty more examples, but this probably gives you an idea of how one simple word could cause so much impact. And some of that impact was painful but the growth that I’ve experienced is well worth both those painful moments of ALLOWing as well as the really awesome moments!

So, what’s up for 2021?!?! The word that hit me is ACCEPT. Ironically, it’s another ‘A’ word, but more interesting is it’s another word that has to do with giving up control. Again, it wasn’t until my business coach pointed this out, did I start to really grasp these words and how they’ve hit me in the forehead that I could do with some loosening up of control! Wow…talk about lightbulb moment!

When I read back over that blog, and especially the tips, I’m humbled by the simplicity of ONE, SINGLE WORD having so much impact on my 2020 journey. And I’m looking forward to ACCEPTing what 2021 has in store for me!

Hope you’ll consider a word for 2021!


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