Layering Theory 101

It’s officially fall and practically everywhere you look you’re in sensory overload of everything pumpkin; candles; shades of red, orange, gold; being wrapped in a cozy throw with a fire; and the list goes on. Aside from these ‘looks’ of fall, we are also rearranging our wardrobe to bring out long sleeves, sweaters, lightweight jackets and the worst…. shoes instead of those beloved flip flops!

We are once again faced with never knowing what the weather and your personal body temperature will be at. In the world of outdoor sports, the theory of layering by wearing three separate layers is the best way to protect yourself from the elements. A base layer is worn against the skin (that’s where alvöru comes in!), a middle layer and then the outer layer. Each layer has a unique purpose to work together to wick sweat away, hold in heat and keep out the cold.

Base Layer - alvöru

In order for the base layer to act as a protector, the fabric needs to lay against the skin in order to sense the temperature of the skin. To enable the PCM technology of the alvöru fabric to work optimally, the fit should be relatively snug. I can hear the wailing now about not wanting clothes too tight as to accentuate my middle-age rolls! But, bear with me here as we go on.

What is PCM

First a sidebar to explain PCM technology used in alvöru clothing (and bedding). Phase Change Material (PCM) technology was originally developed to provide body temperature management to NASA astronauts. PCM fabrics adapt to the wearer to absorb, store and release heat in order to maintain optimum body temperature.

PCM - How it Works

Middle Layer

In the case of daily wardrobe, the middle layer might also be your outer layer. From my perspective, the middle layer is your fashion look. Whether that is wearing an alvöru camisole underneath a button-down shirt, jacket or a sweater, the base layer is what is protecting and providing your temperature balance. No one even needs to know your secret of remaining comfortable going from home, to office, to various daily activities all while experiencing a variety of outer temperature changes.

Outer Layer

As most of us in the Northern Hemisphere are moving towards colder temperatures, the outer layer often is that wonderful bulky coat that adds the final layer of protection. At this layer, we want all the protection we can get to keep our body comfortable in any situation.

Since starting alvöru, I’ve become a layering expert. I’d venture that 90%+ I am wearing something alvöru to help me stay comfortable. Sometimes that might only be the bra liner to give me the confidence and comfort of cooler girls. ;-) To going with the bra liner and a tank or camisole underneath my middle layer. I have done this in the heat of summer, noticing those days when I chose not to wear anything alvöru and I’m sweating profusely to when I wear at least one alvöru item and notice a huge difference in how my body temperature reacts. Then in winter, the opposite takes effect to help provide me the warmth I need.


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