Chose Your One Word for 2020

Where did 2019 go?! I feel like I blinked and the year has blown by and it's time to think about my personal and business goals for 2020. In looking back at my blog at the beginning of 2019, I became overwhelmed that I would even remotely think that the 10 tips for making and keeping resolutions would be a game changer for me in 2019! HAHAHA! Missed those by a million miles! Well, not quite that bad but still those 10 tips do seem a bit overwhelming to accomplish satisfactorily.

Earlier this December I had the opportunity to be introduced to the amazing book One Word at my P.E.O. Chapter meeting. This short – 45-minute read – book provides ‘To Be’ goals with the simplicity of only One Word that you chose to live out in the upcoming word.

Check out the ‘cliff notes’ from our meeting and then decide if this speaks to you for 2020.

One Word

“To Be” goals – The most important part of life change is a change of the heart!

Simplicity creates clarity, power, and passion – One Word

6 dimensions of life:

  • Spiritual
  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Relational
  • Emotional
  • Financial

Finding your word (page 21 of the book):

  • Prepare Your Heart by Looking In
    • Unplug (find solitude and silence) – “A word with power is a word that comes out of silence.”
    • Ask - Find out the “why” behind your word!
      • What do I need? (What areas of your life need the most change, and why?)
      • What’s in my way? (What is preventing me from having what I need?)
      • What needs to go? (What am I holding on to that I need to let go of?)
    • Discover Your Word by Looking Up
      • Receive the word – There is a word for each of us.
      • Make time for prayer – ask God to take control.
      • Ask, “What do you want to do in me and through me?”
      • Be open to the word that is revealed to you.
    • Live Your Word by Looking Out
      • The most challenging part is living the word!
      • Post your word in prominent places so you see it regularly. What gets your attention gets your focus; what gets your focus gets done.
      • I’ve posted my word in the bathroom, posted it in my office, put a sticky note in my car, and kept it in my purse. Think about what you might do (screen saver, sign, etc.). 
      • Stretch Team – Share your word with others whom you trust. Give them permission to ask you about your word.  Share how you are being inspired by your word.


  • Don’t check the box; experience the journey. Whatever you experience throughout the year, that’s what is meant for you.
  • Resist the temptation to use the same word the next year. No recycled words. You may never fully exhaust the meaning and application of your word. Let it stand as the year in which you learned lessons as a result of your word, even if you didn’t fully master the word. 
  • When you post your word prominently and share it with others – you ensure your growth!
  • What you do today determines who you become tomorrow.
  • Your word shapes your character. Your character influences your actions. Your actions influence others.  The lives you touch and the impact you have determine the story that will be told about you tomorrow (page 80-81).

DOWNLOAD the Action Plan PDF worksheet.

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BTW…my word for 2020 is ALLOW and while it’s not quite the new year, it’s already resonated with me in various situations. I’m really excited about how ALLOW will manifest for me personally and in business this coming year!

Oh, and just so you know, I am not affiliated in any way with Jon Gordon, The Jon Gordan Companies, his books., etc.; I’m sharing this because the concept of choosing One Word instead of a list of resolutions really makes sense to me.


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