• Do Bears Really Hibernate in Winter?

    After a few weeks of mild winter weather, we got socked with a nice dose of rain, sleet, ice and snow this weekend. UGH!!!! Truthfully, I don’t like snow let alone adding all this other stuff to the mix. And the gray skies….time to become a bear and hibernate until spring!

    OK, that seriously got me thinking about bears and hibernating. Turns out that bears hibernating is a common misconception.

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  • Chose Your One Word for 2020

    Where did 2019 go?! I feel like I blinked and the year has blown by and it's time to think about my personal and business goals for 2020. In looking back at my blog at the beginning of 2019, I became overwhelmed that I would even remotely think that the 10 tips for making and keeping resolutions would be a game changer for me in 2019! HAHAHA! Missed those by a million miles! Maybe not quite that bad but still those 10 tips do seem a bit overwhelming to accomplish satisfactorily.

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  • A Tale of Two Fabrics

    These past several weeks I have been alternating between prototype sleepwear that I’ve made with wicking fabric and Phase Change Material (PCM) or my Outlast fabric. WOW oh WOW….have I noticed a difference in my night sweats. Until starting alvöru, I would never have realized 1) how technology plays a huge role in fabric; 2) the difference between reactive and proactive fabrics; 3) the various causes of discomfort with body temperature and so much more.

    So, let me tell you a tale of two high-performance fabrics and the benefits and characteristics they offer.

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