• A Tale of Two Fabrics

    These past several weeks I have been alternating between prototype sleepwear that I’ve made with wicking fabric and Phase Change Material (PCM) or my Outlast fabric. WOW oh WOW….have I noticed a difference in my night sweats. Until starting alvöru, I would never have realized 1) how technology plays a huge role in fabric; 2) the difference between reactive and proactive fabrics; 3) the various causes of discomfort with body temperature and so much more.

    So, let me tell you a tale of two high-performance fabrics and the benefits and characteristics they offer.

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  • Eye Exams, Hormones & Menopause

    Did you know that having dry eyes is a lesser known symptom of menopause? I sure didn’t, but I learned this new tidbit when I went for an eye exam this past week. After having the dilation exam and going over the outcome from that, she asked me if I noticed that I didn’t tear up as much, or itchy dry eyes, and discomfort.  After thinking about it a bit, I realized that in fact I don’t. So the cause….yep…you guessed it….once again it’s those hormones that are to blame. View Post
  • Layering Theory 101

    It’s officially fall and practically everywhere you look you’re in sensory overload of everything pumpkin; candles; shades of red, orange, gold; being wrapped in a cozy throw with a fire; and the list goes on. Aside from these ‘looks’ of fall, we are also rearranging our wardrobe to bring out lon... View Post