• It's not just menopause causing these hot flashes?!

    Really? Who knew?! Me, for one!

    I’ll admit my naïveté when I first started alvöru to make clothes for peri/menopausal women, as that was when I first experienced hot flashes and night sweats. There were plenty of websites to provide statistics, facts, and figures that validated a need for clothing to help menopausal women. But, with research and talking with women customers who weren’t experiencing menopause symptoms, I found 

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  • Taking Chances

    Did you know there's a National Take a Chance Day?! HA…I’m pretty much living a ‘Take a Chance’ Life! Maybe you feel that way too. Anyway, indulge me and enjoy ABBA's Take a Chance on Me while I share my ‘taking a chance’ story when starting alvöru. View Post
  • What. Happened. To. My. Arms.?!

    I’ve never been buff! Not even half-buff! But, oh my goodness….when did my arms get so flabby? If you are even close to this frustration like me, know that the obsession with your upper arms – triceps – is common. Whew! Yet still, I need to take control of that underside of my upper arms that wiggle and might take flight at the hint of a breeze. Best way? Yep…you guessed it….weight training. View Post