• Turmoil - Day 317




    1. a state of great disturbance, confusion, commotion, or uncertainty; tumult; agitation; disquiet.

    "the country was in turmoil"

    I’m making a huge assumption that the majority of us are experiencing these feelings. I know that I have been feeling turmoil, emotional fog, frustration, anxiety and more since mid-March when we went into ‘lockdown’ in Kansas. While typically I love roller coasters (and sometimes I would guess that could be considered ‘turmoil’), this year is sure something I would rather never experience again!

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  • Trial & Error - Wading through Menopause

    Oh, do I love me my sleep! (LOL) But what I don’t like is waking up sweating like the horses in the Kentucky Derby!!! Seriously, I have battled the night sweat roller coaster for close to 15 years both while using HRT and now without. Totally one of the lucky ones here! NOT!!! But between wearing alvöru clothing that proactively manages body temperature along with my own trial and error of other options, I’d like to share my personal experiences. View Post
  • Drink Up!

    Did you know that we can go for weeks without food? (Well, maybe not during a pandemic!) But we can’t last more than a few days without water. Water is absolutely crucial for every system in our body and also the main thing our bodies are made of. Almost three-fourths of our body is made of water. View Post

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