• Me: What could possibly go wrong?

    Anxiety: I'm glad you asked!

    What a tumultuous beginning to 2020! If your email inbox/es, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media feeds are blowing up with everything and anything Coronavirus – COVID-19 like mine, I’m guessing your anxiety level is rather high. Rather than bore you with another COVID-19 article (I’m not a medical professional and so what good would my words do you (wink)?!); I thought I’d share a bit about how anxiety – especially chronic – which might be closer to how you’re feeling these days – affects our body.

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  • My Dad...a Man Before His Time

    Growing up in the 60’s, I have vivid memories of ways that I was learning about recycling, reuse, sustainability and to be mindful of the environment. My dad was into these common buzzwords before we knew they were buzzwords. View Post
  • Trying to Kick the Blues?!

    I’m sad…and logically there is absolutely no reason for me to be. I mean, HELLO, I’m spending five weeks in Mexico away from the cold, gray, snowy skies of Kansas City!

    But, sad I am. I’ve been at the condo we have in Playa del Carmen, Mexico and it’s been a beautiful two weeks. Well…let me rephrase, the weather has been beautiful – sunny, blue skies, birds flying around, pool gurgling, but my husband and I have been INSIDE for the majority of the time doing a full paint job and clean up! Come on!!!!

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